A Message from Our Pastor

Communication is so important to being effective. But when done well, communication is also fun and exciting. Jesus was a master communicator, and our prayer is that we can follow His lead in touching as many lives as possible. This website is designed to help you as a part of this body, or as you share with others what The Lord is doing at FIrst Satsuma. This is a valuable resource that will help us be more effective as we Love Like Jesus and Serve Like Jesus.
All of the work that’s gone into this new site was done with that intent in mind. So use it, enjoy it, share it with others. Check out the calendar for all that’s happening and cruise around different ministry areas so you can see what God’s up to in the lives of others. Let us know what you think and how we can keep the info coming. 
If you’re a guest to our church, or looking for a place to worship, we hope we can answer all of your questions here. If not, then come see us, and ask us anything. We look forward to seeing you and getting to know you.
So dive in, and drive it like you’d test drive a new car.

Because of Him